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Experts NetSuite  & ERP Consulting

Horizon Associates Group is a team of accounting and finance experts with deep technical experience designing, implementing and supporting Cloud ERP* systems using the NetSuite Solutions Platform. We breathe and live ERP systems and get excited about delivering solutions. Our experts have all implemented ERPs, been users on ERP(CEO, CFO, Project Manager) and  managed ERP implementations. We do what we love- we love what we do- NetSuite.

Make NetSuite Work For You

Why picking the right NetSuite Partner is the mission critical decision.

Implement A Successful ERP

Don't risk your career on a botched implementation.

Rescue your project

If it's not going well- we can help.


NetSuite & Cloud ERP  Solutions

Check out our Solutions page to learn more about the breadth of what we can do. Whether your need is for NetSuiteERP (Enterprise resource Planning)  to streamline all processes, operations and records in one system; or you need NetSuite MRP (Material requirements planning) to track demand planning, manage supply, control shop floor in a BOM/WIP/Assembly environment; or wherther you need NetSuite OneWorld deployed for organization requiring multi-subsidiaries, multi- currencies and those going global;  or you need NetSuite CRM+ (Customer-relationship management) to unleash your sales force; whether  you need to manage your human capital: training, assessments, succession with SuitePeople; or if you need a prepackage ERP (SuiteSuccess) and a go live in 100 days- whatever your need, we have the skills, expertise and know-how to do it.