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NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce

Today, commerce has become an integrated online and real world experience, with customers expecting accurate stock information and excellent service across platforms. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce e-commerce technology solutions allow modern businesses to connect with customers all around the world in new and personalized ways while ensuring inventory information is accurate to fill orders quickly and efficiently. Horizon Associates Group, LLC is your local NetSuite commerce partner; we can help you fulfill your business needs with personalized NetSuite consulting on Long Island.

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Connecting With Customers On A Personal Level

Whether you are trying to establish or grow your company, customer relationship management, or CRM, is an essential part of any successful business. Your interactions with your present and future customers will ultimately dictate the success of your business, making CRM a top priority. The key to CRM lies in NetSuite’s tracking of customer preferences, purchase history, and feedback in order to provide a personalized experience that brings customers back through your doors and onto your website, time after time. NetSuite honors consumers with a fast, user-friendly platform, and a personalized experience, which reflects and strengthens your efforts as a business to establish credibility and customer relationships. The vast personalization capabilities and user-friendliness makes your customers feel they are valued and, in turn, leads them to identify your brand as a trustworthy, modern, and customer-oriented business.

Top Benefits Of Integrated E-Commerce For Omni-Channel Success

NetSuite’s integrated ecommerce solutions are the key to bringing your company into the digital age. By allowing your business to operate smoothly across all channels of access, including PC, tablet, smartphone, and storefront, NetSuite commerce will improve your productivity, eliminate poor customer experiences, and maximize your resources.

  • Real-time Updates: NetSuite’s ecommerce software allows you to easily and quickly make changes and updates to your website based on your current resources, keeping consumers informed and eliminating backordered or canceled orders. Additionally, when products are purchased in your storefront or online, this information is updated in your ecommerce software instantly for an accurate reflection of your stock the next time a customer wants to make a purchase.
  • Instant Feedback: When you need an instant snapshot of your business’ status, your ecommerce software is the place to turn. NetSuite can provide you with quick and accurate access to your sales information, trends, and customer preferences to make developing and updating your business plan fast and easy.
  • Marketing and Promotional Campaigns: Launch and track marketing campaigns and target customers based on behavior, purchase history, and demographics to maximize your visibility. Gain and retain customers with personalized offers, birthday announcements, product recommendations, and attention-grabbing emails.
  • Shipping Management: Seamless integration with FedEx, UPS, and other carriers allows you to generate tracking numbers, custom documentation, and shipping labels so you know the location of your merchandise at all times.
  • Multinational and Multi-Currency: NetSuite supports multiple languages, currencies, subsidiaries, and international shipping rates you so can engage with consumers all around the world and establish credibility as a business without language and currency barriers.


If you’d like to learn more about what NetSuite commerce can do for you, please call Horizon Associates Group, LLC at (866) 638-7848 for more information about our NetSuite consulting and technology solutions near Long Island.