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Already Purchased NetSuite Or Own Self-Implementation?

Horizon Associates conducts intensive Discovery sessions to kick-off each project. This helps us understand your business model, operations, processes, and personnel. Most importantly it involves the key decision makers in your company that will be involved in the set-up and use of NetSuite in your operations.

Professional services

The Discovery Process Involves Discussions On:

  • Clarification of corporate objectives
  • Identification of business structures
  • Identification of key data structures
  • Identification of business processes
  • Identification of Users / Roles
  • Identification of Reporting Requirements
  • Identification of Electronic and Printed communications
  • Integration Points with Web Properties and Legacy Systems
  • Review of current CRM, SFA and Marketing processes
  • Volume Metrics

We serve clients across the United States from our offices in Long Island, New York and Malvern, Philadelphia. Give us a call at (866) 638-7848 to learn more.