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For-profit businesses aren’t the only ones who can benefit from managing their organizations with NetSuite. Many non-profits rely on NetSuite to help them manage their volunteers, donors, and outreach programs. Ideally, when a non-profit adopts NetSuite, the organization will find a NetSuite partner experienced in business consulting on Long Island with non-profit groups. This partner can help you construct your NetSuite platforms and create an implementation strategy that aligns with your company’s goals. Here is a look at some of the ways that non-profits are making NetSuite work for them.


NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of the entire fundraising cycle within non-profit organizations. It makes it simple to track donations from the pledge stage through to payment and see how those funds are allocated within your group. It also allows you to identify your top donors so you can focus on fostering the relationships that are important to achieving your organization’s goals. All departments involved in fundraising, from the financial team to the marketing group, can get real-time information about the campaign with a few clicks within a single, integrated interface.

Relationship Management

For non-profits, CRM translates into constituent relationship management. NetSuite simplifies CRM by allowing organizations manage all of their connections with the different categories of people who make the non-profit function. Engage with donors, volunteers, clients, and other supporters and keep them invested in your goals by breaking down the walls between these groups. Instead of trying to juggle these relationships individually, use NetSuite to get a holistic view of your constituents to better determine how to maximize their involvement.

Financial Management

With the help of your business consulting partner, NetSuite’s financial management tools can be adapted to specifically meet the unique needs of a non-profit organization. Flexible accounting tools provide core accounting, grants management, spend controls, and more within a single interface. Financial information is updated in real time, so delays never cost the organization valuable time.