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An inefficient order-to-cash process makes it difficult for your sales team to operate efficiently and could cause you to fail to meet your customers’ expectations. Fortunately, NetSuite’s enterpriser resource planning, or ERP, tools can help you streamline the process for a more efficient system. Here are just a few of the many benefits of adopting NetSuite enterprise resource planning on Long Island.

Using NetSuite ERP to streamline your order-to-cash process flow means you can automate product delivery instead of trying to track it in-house, so customers get their goods and services more quickly, and you get paid faster. Using NetSuite ERP, your sales team can get a real-time view of inventory so that they can accurately set customer expectations. You can also generate invoices and process immediate payments alongside easy shipment tracking, so that every stage of the process is visible to all of the departments involved in the transaction.