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You’re reading this because you feel your organization has untapped potential, because you have dreams that you are not accomplishing, because your growth is not where you want it to be. You’ve dreamed big but have fallen short. You’ve tried a number of things in your organization but have not met the measure of success you, or your investors/stakeholders, demand.

So now what? Where do you go from here? We believe that your dreams are within reach. We also know that you have a team that can reach these goals. What is lacking is a the eyes of someone who has no vested interest in keeping the Status Quo, someone who can think outside the box. How do we know? Because we’ve seen it hundreds of time.

Internal staffers created processes to avoid having the finger pointed at them. Many business processes exist to avoid blame rather than to execute on a business vision. Processes have been created through the history of the organization to compensate for what automation could not do. Processes are born by default, to compensate for a system gap. Those processes still exist even though there are ways to get around them. But your internal resources may not be able to see it. It is a case of being too close to the tree to see the forest.

We look at what your internal resource won’t, or can’t look at; we think outside the box that is your organization, we focus on what your dream is and find what is it that is stopping you from getting there. Because we have seen it so many times and because of our deep knowledge of the links between business process and business systems, we are able to look the gaps between your systems/processes and your business goals.

You end up with a strategic plan where business process and systems are aligned with your dream. We deliver KPI to measure your progression toward your goals. You end up with process by design- not process by default.

“Why can’t I do it alone?” you may ask, “why do I need you?” The very fact you read down to here is the answer. You know you have competent resources, but they do not have your drive to succeed, your drive to excel; they do as they are asked. And while they do “as they are asked”, they ensure the blame never gets back to them so they remained gainfully employed (i.e. keep their job).

What now? You can close this page and forget it ever existed. It’s okay. This may not be relevant to you. Some will read and acknowledge the truth in this article; but because they will sit and wait, they’ll forget, and an opportunity will be lost. Don’t be them. Be the one who’s organization will reach for the dream.