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As you begin the process of ERP implementation on Long Island for your company, you might feel slightly overwhelmed. Working closely with an experienced NetSuite business consultant can make the project easier, faster, and less stressful. Here are some great tips for simplifying the NetSuite ERP implementation process.

Develop Clear Goals in Advance 
The first thing that you should do after deciding to purchase NetSuite business software is to determine exactly what your priorities and goals are for ERP implementation. Think about the reasons that you chose NetSuite in the first place, and use that information to evaluate which business processes are most vital to your company’s efficiency and productivity. You can then work with the key members of your team to identify a set of strategic goals that you believe can be achieved through enterprise resource planning and CRM tools. Having a clear idea of your goals will make it easier to make decisions about exactly what NetSuite tools will be beneficial for your business.

Recognize the Opportunities Offered by Your Business Software 
You should be familiar with the advantages of ERP implementation, and what it can and can’t do for your business. Your NetSuite business software can streamline many of the processes that are vital your company’s performance; however, before you determine which services you need, you must identify your problem areas, and discern which NetSuite products can help you overcome these problem areas. You shouldn’t just use NetSuite to continue utilizing the poor business practices of your past. Instead, see it as an opportunity to develop more efficient business practices that will save you time and money.

Establish an ERP Implementation Team
Once you have clear goals and a solid idea of the NetSuite business software tools that will best help your company succeed, you should establish an ERP implementation team. This team should be comprised of people with a good understanding of how your business runs, as well as those who are experienced in business software implementation. They will work closely with your NetSuite licensing partner to set up and customize your software.