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If your company’s business software consists of separate e-commerce, billing, bookkeeping, e-mail, and accounting software near Long Island, you might be over-complicating your business processes. Most businesses use a variety of tools and software to manage their daily operations, often at the expense of communication, clarity, and efficiency. There are a variety of ways that NetSuite can be integrated into your existing business systems that will ensure that your business processes run smoother and faster.

NetSuite integration allows you to seamlessly combine your accounting software, ERP programs, CRM systems, and e-commerce software into one simple package. Employees in different departments across your company can access company and customer information through one platform. This reduces redundancies and inconsistencies in the input and modification of crucial business data. When all departments have access to the same information, you can serve customers more efficiently and reduce your liabilities by lowering your chance of error or delays.

Your NetSuite technology consultant will customize applications that allow your NetSuite business software to integrate completely with your existing systems. This will ensure that your cost is minimized and that no data is lost during the transition period.