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Is your business maximizing your e-commerce potential? If you’re not using NetSuite e-commerce tools, you may not be. These tools give your customers a streamlined, omnichannel experience that boosts trust in your company and improves your bottom line. Talk to your IT consultants about technology solutions near Long Island and how these NetSuite e-commerce features can be implemented for your business.

Continuous Buying Experience 
Consumers are accustomed to a multi-dimensional buying experience, shopping in both brick-and-mortar store locations as well as your web-based store. With NetSuite e-commerce tools, you can connect these shopping experiences to provide continuous service. Allow your staff to complete purchases at your in-store point-of-sale that were started on your website. Create 360-degree customer profiles that include purchase histories, returns, and requests for support that allow your staff to personalize in-person interactions and allow your customers to better manage their transactions online. Enable customers to browse your entire inventory, regardless of location, and choose from a variety of transaction types, including in-store pickup and home shipping, from a single interface.

Targeted Upselling
By integrating online and offline purchasing, you can equip your employees to improve their upselling efforts and increase customer satisfaction by personalizing their interactions. Use NetSuite Commerce to store customer information so employees can pull up customer profiles at the point-of-sale and make purchase recommendations based on customer browsing and purchasing histories. Your employees will boost customer satisfaction by offering relevant products and services and will be more successful in closing upsells.

Better Inventory Control
NetSuite e-commerce software provides real-time inventory updates that account for sales across all of your online and offline locations. Product managers can use this information to make re-ordering decisions and avoid stocking issues. Because inventory information covers your entire system, customers always have access to the item they want, regardless of location. This eliminates the risk of lost sales that occur when inventory is available at one store but unavailable to a customer at a different location.