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If you’ve just purchased NetSuite accounting software for your business, you’ll quickly reap the rewards of the platform’s solid, streamlined bookkeeping and project management tools. Businesses without an IT consultant on Long Island, however, may be vulnerable to NetSuite implementation errors that may prevent you from getting the most out of your eCommerce software. Here are some tips that may help you avoid NetSuite implementation errors.

Assign a Project Manager to Oversee NetSuite Implementation
When businesses undergo a new accounting software implementation, they’re often wary of assigning high-level managers to the project. In truth, NetSuite implementation is a complex undertaking that shouldn’t be handled by a junior staff member. A middle manager is the best person to assign as project manager for your business’ NetSuite implementation, as he will have detailed knowledge and understanding of how to best integrate your business operations and bookkeeping needs into NetSuite’s accounting software.

Assess Your Business Accounting Needs and Practices
Prior to any dramatic changes to your business and accounting practices, take some time to assess how your current bookkeeping practices and accounting software benefits your day-to-day operations, and where it falls short. This will ensure that you’re not overwhelming your managers and employees with drastic changes, and it will give you an opportunity to truly customize your new accounting software to meet your needs. You can take advantage of NetSuite’s comprehensive accounting services, while still carrying over any business practices that can maximize the efficiency of your employees.

Hire a NetSuite Consulting Expert
You should hire an experienced IT consultant from a local IT consulting firm to help you streamline your accounting needs and act as your NetSuite consultant. A local NetSuite consultant is crucial, as he will be in your office providing daily hands-on support to staff. For staff members and managers who may be resistant to your accounting software changes, a NetSuite consultant can help them understand exactly how the software works, and all of the benefits it will provide to their daily bookkeeping and business operations.