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NetSuite has long been a powerful tool for companies that allows them to streamline their business, accounting, and bookkeeping practices to maximize efficiency and ensure reliability. Now, NetSuite has a new eCommerce platform that can really revolutionize the platform’s accounting functionality. With the help of an IT consulting company on Long Island, you can take advantage of everything that NetSuite’s new eCommerce platform has to offer your business.

If your business deals in eCommerce, you’re probably using a combination of multiple eCommerce software systems to meet your accounting needs with regards to purchasing, ordering, billing, shipping, distribution, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Using all of these different eCommerce systems decreases the productivity and efficiency of your employees, and makes your company extremely vulnerable to accounting errors.

A NetSuite consultant can help you implement NetSuite’s new eCommerce software to streamline all of your business and accounting practices. NetSuite’s eCommerce software seamlessly integrates all of your business’ data systems into one accounting program. This will help you minimize errors by reducing the number of places in which confidential customer and accounting data is stored. You’ll also be able to create more efficient workflows, increase revenue, and reduce operating costs.