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Why Companies of All Sizes Need a Modern Platform to Optimize Growth

At Horizon Associates Group and NetSuite, we recognize the pace of change in business today is unprecedented and according to recent research from Boston Consulting Group Businesses move through their life cycles 2X faster today versus 30 years ago.

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This is quite a wake-up call for business leaders across all industries.

Think about it. Businesses have a one-in-three change of not making it through the next five years. As Boston Consulting Group astutely points out, this falls within the typical tenure of a Chief Executive as well as the standard time horizon for investors. 50 years ago, this same risk would have been only 5 percent. What does this mean for modern businesses?

The quick are disrupting the world. There are vast opportunities available to businesses of all types, sizes and across geographies that are prepared to move fast, pivot when needed and sieve their moment.

Take for example a 10-person start-up business looking to use software to manage its financial. Turning to QuickBooks initially is by all accounts a reasonable choice that offers a company of that size the basic functionality it needs and some room for growth. However, as growth accelerates, and financial processes become more complex, the company will be quickly forced into deploying standalone application and customizing spreadsheets. It will not be long before these non-integrated processes and ad-hoc applications begin to impact performance and hinder productivity. There must be a better way.

An important development for modern businesses is that cloud computing has come of age. Evidence of this from independent sources is virtually everywhere. There are clearly some significant advantages to a cloud platform

  • Quick and affordable deployment
  • Ability to scale in support of future growth
  • Ease of administration and management
  • Highly flexible with built-in intelligence
  • Unified view across the business

Why NetSuite: we are a pioneer in cloud computing. Today NetSuite serves over 24,000 organizations all over the world, and Horizon Associates Group manages the platform for hundreds of clients across the country.

Download the full report here or call Randy Weitz, Partner, Horizon Associates Group at 631.675.6114 to discuss how to make NetSuite work for your business.