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If your business is expanding overseas, one of the most basic—but most important—things to consider is the language barrier. Before you go international, talk to your NetSuite partner on Long Island or King of Prussia, PA about how you can use your software system to manage problems with language barriers. Adopting NetSuite OneWorld, with integrated CRM and ERP systems, accounting software, and more, you can manage your expansion as efficiently as possible without being slowed down by language problems. Here are some strategies your company can use make expansion into international territories easier.

Respect the Local Language

It is not practical to try to learn the language of every country in which you operate if you have a large, global business, and your employees can’t be expected to do so either. However, you should show respect to each of your locations by knowing which language is spoken there and by educating yourself about the basics of those languages. You should encourage your employees to do the same. These gestures are not only practical, but will also build goodwill among your team members.

Consider the Role of Translations

It can help to translate important documents into the home language of all of your locations so that your staff doesn’t have to attempt to piece it all together on their own. When preparing documents, avoid using slang and idioms, which lose their meanings in translations. Keep in mind that translated documents don’t always keep the spirit of your message, so consider having someone who is fluent in both languages review important statements to make sure none of the meaning is diluted.

Rely on Software

NetSuite OneWorld helps business tackle all of the challenges of international business, from language to taxation, automatically, so you can focus on running your company. Rely on software solutions to handle these complications for you to reduce the risk of errors, so you have a consistent operating plan for expansion, regardless of language barriers.