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What does it take to be hands-on with your business locally and around the world, without leaving your desk? The answer is NetSuite OneWorld. This project management software gives you the ability to maintain local-level familiarity with all of your company’s operations, no matter where in the world they are located. From accounting to compliance and project management tools on Long Island, NetSuite OneWorld is your first-class ticket to global operations. Here are some of the reasons you should discuss implementing NetSuite OneWorld with your IT consultants.

Local Compliance 
It’s always important to think about local regulations when you conduct any type of business. When you do business across borders, compliance with local regulations is complex and time consuming, however, violating any local business law can be costly. NetSuite OneWorld streamlines the compliance process so that your operations are automatically adapted to meet the needs of each location. Ensure all taxes and duties are calculated and paid correctly and that you adhere to all legal requirements for doing business on a territory-by-territory basis without the expense of hiring a legal team in each area by using this project management software

Currency Adjustments
International business means working with many different types of currency. NetSuite OneWorld allows your company to conduct eCommerce transactions and perform bookkeeping duties in a wide range of currencies while you track the appropriate metrics, all in a single interface. Take the questions out of forecasts, quotas, and other metrics by letting NetSuite OneWorld manage your currency issues for you. Along with regional currency abilities, OneWorld also provide multi-language support for your international employees.

Streamlined Communication
Simplify cross-border collaborations by incorporating all of your departments into the singular NetSuite OneWorld interface. Sales, finance, marketing, and the rest of your team gets access to real-time data from across your company for more accurate decision making and project management. Because of the single interface technology solutions, employees can effectively collaborate on projects that previously would have required costly international travel to complete.