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Ecommerce is more competitive than ever before. Customers don’t just enjoy the convenience of ecommerce—they expect it. How can your business stand out in this crowded space and give your customers the kind of service that makes them come back? NetSuite has the solutions. Talk to your business consultant on Long Island to see how NetSuite can help you tackle your ecommerce distribution challenges and take charge of your customer relationships. Here are some of the ways that NetSuite can help you manage your ecommerce distribution needs.

Real-Time Ecommerce Updates

When it comes to ecommerce, fast pace is everything. You can’t afford not to see what is happening with your business live, but when you have multiple platforms involved in each purchase, getting a bird’s eye view of your company isn’t easy. With NetSuite’s ecommerce tools, you can see every transaction in real time, so you know exactly where sales are heading, how your inventory is performing, and which products are in demand. You can even integrate sales from your in-store locations for a completely up-to-date reflection of your current inventory to reduce the need for back orders and lost sales. Watching customer trends develop can also help you as you create new business strategies and make your enterprise resource planning efforts more efficient.

Shipping Management

Tracking order is an essential part of managing your relationships with your customers. NetSuite allows you to integrate shipping information from a number of different companies so you can carefully track your distribution efforts. Track packages in real time, manage customs forms, generate accurate shipping labels, and experience fewer distribution delays caused by lost packages.

International Currency Management

Ecommerce lets your business go international without the expense of multiple headquarters, but delays in currency conversions can interfere with the speed of your distribution and the satisfaction of your customers. NetSuite allows you to manage multiple currencies seamlessly, so your customers get the best possible service, no matter where they are, while you stay compliant with all local, national, and international financial regulations.