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Does your business need to start a new marketing initiative for a new product or service? Do you need to implement a formal marketing strategy for the first time and track your results? If so, NetSuite could be the missing part of the equation. Talk to your technology consultant on Long Island to find out how using NetSuite can make all parts of your marketing efforts more productive.

When you are beginning a marketing initiative, NetSuite has multiple tools that can help track a campaign effectively while allowing you to manage your time more efficiently. With integrated project management software, CRM tools, and ERP, you can plan, implement, and manage your marketing efforts and track the success of your campaigns in real time. To get the most out of NetSuite for your marketing efforts, work with your business consultant, who can help you adapt your NetSuite interface to meet the specific needs of your campaign. Your business consultant can also be involved in the campaign analytics planning process to help you make the right strategic decisions upfront so that you get the best possible outcomes in NetSuite.