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When you adopt NetSuite in Long Island for your business, having a local partner can be a key component in your success. In addition to personalized advice to help you structure NetSuite in way that best meets your business needs, a local partner can provide onsite assistance face-to-face, so they get to know your company and can be responsive to your specific challenges.

Whether you need help with your CRM system or advice in setting up an ecommerce site, local NetSuite support has several advantages. When you need support, reaching a local partner is far easier than trying to connect with someone who works remotely in a different time zone. To a local partner, your business isn’t a faceless name in a system. Your local partner already knows your business so can react quickly. Having a local partner also means that onsite IT support or business consulting is a call away. There are no lags in service that can be costly for your business as you wait for help. Maximize your NetSuite experience by choosing a local partner to assist you in implementation, training, and support.