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When you work with a NetSuite partner on Long Island, your company will receive all of the technology consulting services it needs for a smooth implementation. The implementation process itself may take several months. Your business consultant will need to develop a keen understanding of all relevant aspects of your company. To accomplish this, your business consultant will arrange intensive discovery sessions with executives in your business. Get the most out of these discovery sessions by encouraging participants to write lists of their questions in advance.

My business has unique needs. Is it possible to customize NetSuite?

One of the many reasons why so many companies have chosen NetSuite for their business systems integration is because it is versatile, flexible, and customizable. NetSuite Workflow can be used to personalize end-to-end business processes, depending on your specific industry requirements and company needs. It allows your company to create custom workflows, functionality, and processes, and to maintain your company’s connections to third-party applications and providers. In short, NetSuite is highly customizable no matter what type or structure of business you have.

Does NetSuite support multiple languages for international companies?

Communication across language barriers is always a major concern for international companies. NetSuite isn’t only appropriate for English-speaking executives. The technology platform can be set to French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and traditional and simplified Chinese.

Do I need to hire an outside developer to set up my eCommerce site?

ECommerce is a rapidly-growing sector for businesses in many industries. In fact, some businesses choose NetSuite primarily because of its eCommerce support capabilities. Although you may choose to do so, it is not necessary to hire an outside developer to build your eCommerce website ahead of your NetSuite implementation. NetSuite comes equipped with online site-building tools that do not require any prior knowledge of HTML coding. The website tools are easy to use and fully customizable. Choose from a variety of layouts, designs, and site elements such as content wrappers and sidebars. Of course, technology consultants from your NetSuite partner will provide any needed training services to help your company make the best use of this premier software.