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Are you ready to take your business to the cloud? NetSuite SuiteCloud offers a secure and scalable solution for businesses looking for efficient, cloud-based software. Enjoy truly unified business management with cloud technology that is easily accessible across your organization by implementing SuiteCloud with the help of your NetSuite business consultant in Long Island. Here are some of the tools you will find in the SuiteCloud platform.

Secure Applications

One of the most common reasons companies hesitate to transition to agile cloud services is concerns about security. NetSuite offers unmatched security tools for your peace of mind and your customers’ privacy. SuiteCloud uses strong encryption and stringent password policies. For internal security, access to your sensitive information can be restricted to specific IP addresses and accessed only from within the application. Build position-based internal access to give all of your employees the ability to instantly view the exact information they need to do their jobs, and no more.

Unified Ecommerce

Run your ecommerce business from the cloud in a central location that is easy to access for all of the players. Unify point of sale and order management while integrating marketing campaigns, merchandising, inventory, and financials in a single, streamlined place. SuiteCloud’s ecommerce capabilities mean that you always have a 360-degree view of the sales, stock, and marketing efforts without having to compare disparate reports or cause departments to collaborate to generate reports.

Easy Customization

SuiteCloud is the ultimate solution for developers, thanks to its comprehensive customization capabilities. Use the SuiteCloud IDE, or development environment, to add SuiteApp functionality to your existing NetSuite infrastructure. The JavaScript-based SuiteScript tool allows for complex scripting for building new applications within the cloud, while the SuiteFlow workflow engine lets you automate workflow management within the cloud in a few clicks. Your NetSuite consultant can guide you through customizing your cloud to meet your specific needs, from analytics to CRM.