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Many startups don’t invest heavily into software systems, both because they need to spend on establishing their companies and because many systems have more tools than a small business needs. After finding success, growing rapidly, and maybe even expanding globally, these companies discover their operational needs exceed the capabilities of their current software systems—and many turn to NetSuite as the answer. Is your business ready to make the leap to NetSuite on Long Island? Here are some signs that you should speak to a NetSuite business consultant about making the transition.

You Can’t Access Information

As your business grows, your need to keep an eye on every part of it doesn’t change, but as different parts of the company expand, doing so can be impossible. You may have different parts of your company operating with different systems and getting a broad view of all of the information you need means clicking back and forth or attempting to generate time-consuming consolidated reports. NetSuite gives you a comprehensive view of every sector of your company in real time, so you can make decisions efficiently and accurately. This whole-picture view also makes it easier for the different departments in your company to communicate and collaborate efficiently while minimizing misunderstandings and errors.

You Operate with Multiple Currencies

Doing business across borders means working with different currencies, as well as multi-national tax regulations, import restrictions, and languages. NetSuite streamlines the process of global operations by allowing you to convert currencies easily, automatically calculate local taxes, and generate reports in multiple languages and currencies. Solve the inherent confusion of operating across borders letting NetSuite business management software do the work for you.

Your Operations Are Too Slow

Businesses that have outgrown their software have to rely on slow, outdated processes to compensate. If you and your employees are devoting more time to trying to generate reports, understand cash flow, and manage resources than you are actually doing business, then your software is holding you back. NetSuite makes things like enterprise resource planning, billing, and managing customer relationships intuitive, so you can focus on running your business.