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Customer relationship management, or CRM, is increasingly important in the competitive, evolving marketplace, where consumers can trade horror stories about poor service with thousands of people in a few clicks. Fortunately, NetSuite has a host of CRM tools that are fully integrated with ERP and Ecommerce that can be used to help you give your customers the best possible experiences, including Ecommerce software on Long Island. Here is how your technology consulting team can help put CRM software to work for you.

The core CRM software tool in NetSuite is NetSuite CRM+, a web-based solution that lets you manage all aspects of the customer experience. Track sales, analyze the market, monitor customer support and service, and boost productivity, all in a single interface. SuiteCloud and SuiteAnalytics let you customize your CRM system and business processes and create verticalization. Real-times sales figures let you make the best possible strategic purchasing decisions, and customers benefit from easy-to-use, intuitive service systems. Harness the power of NetSuite CRM tools to more efficiently meet the needs of your customers with every transaction.