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One mistake many businesses make when considering licensing NetSuite on Long Island is to think that working directly with a sales rep from NetSuite rather than a company that provides NetSuite services is the only way to go. In reality, NetSuite is complex, and most people don’t know how to get the maximum benefits out of it without the right kind of support. Here are some of the benefits your business can reap by working with a NetSuite service provider instead of trying to independently implement the platform.

Better Value for Money when you work with a NetSuite Partner

The assumption that NetSuite sales reps can provide the best deals on their products is incorrect. NetSuite uses the same price sheet worldwide and all formal Estimates and Subscription Services Agreements come from NetSuite Inc. whether it’s presented by a Direct rep or a Channel Partner. There are no “resellers” of NetSuite in the USA. That means pricing parity exists between NetSuite direct sales representatives and Solution Providers. However, when you work with a NetSuite Solution Provider, you can get the benefit of their assistance without miscellaneous extra costs on the license. NetSuite Partners are focused on providing their customers with great experiences since they will work with you long term, so they aren’t motivated to upsell you extra modules you don’t need, which also helps your bottom line.

Ongoing Support

With a NetSuite service provider, you don’t have to rely on in-house IT services to work out solutions to issues that arise at the same time they are learning the NetSuite system. Your service provider has the experience to quickly troubleshoot and correct system issues and minimize the impact of downtime on your business. Technology and management consulting services offered by third-party NetSuite providers can also help you know when you need to make changes to your platform or add new tools in a phased implementation approach.

Additional Services

NetSuite direct sales representatives are motivated to do one thing: sell you NetSuite. Fully adopting NetSuite and taking advantages of all of its capabilities is often more complex. With an outside provider and management consulting service, you can get assistance in putting together a complete approach that addresses all of your needs, including integration and customization scripting. Having a single point of contact with a NetSuite Partner for all of these needs ultimately saves time and money.