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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) affects virtually every aspect of your company’s success. Solid ERP implementation and management is integral for flawlessly executing the day-to-day operations of your company, including its order management, inventory, human resources, and customer services. To explore proper ERP implementation on Long Island or in Malvern, PA, you can rely on a business consultant at an independent NetSuite partner.

Selecting an ERP Partner with an Established History 
The success of any company is closely tied to the experience and abilities of its executives. It only makes sense that you would select an enterprise resource planning partner with a high-caliber reputation and a proven track record. When you choose an ERP partner with an established history, you can rest assured that buying into a solid long-term relationship that will facilitate your company’s growth. Some factors to consider include the length of time the ERP partner has been in business, the level of experience of its management consulting team, and the awards and accolades the ERP partner has received. For example, if you’re choosing a NetSuite partner, you ought to check whether the company has received NetSuite Star Awards including a 5 Star Award.

Choosing the Right Company for Successful Implementation
Proper ERP implementation is essential. While you are looking for the right ERP partner for your company, you will need to carefully review the steps the partner will take during the implementation process. Your prospective ERP partner should not hesitate to provide all the data you need to make an informed decision. The right ERP partner for your company will take the time to conduct an intensive discovery process to understand your company, its direction, and its operations. Your ERP partner should also clearly identify the key decision makers in your company and define their roles.

Taking Advantage of Proven Methodology and Tools
When you choose an established ERP implementation partner, you should expect that the partner has developed an effective methodology for implementation. Your ERP partner should also have the necessary tools to execute this proven methodology.