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The planning process for a NetSuite implementation project is sweeping in its scope and exhaustive in its breadth, with good reason. It is not sufficient to simply install and launch new software. The successful implementation of NetSuite necessitates custom strategies to suit each individual company. A team that provides business consulting on Long Island must conduct a thorough Discovery process to find out exactly what your company needs and how those needs are best fulfilled.

Analysis of Your Company 
A business consultant will provide an initial consultation to discuss your company and how NetSuite can further its objectives. The consultation is only the beginning of the review process, however. A business consulting team will meet with you and other key decision makers from your company to gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s structure, operations, and objectives. The team will analyze your products and services, consider your goals for updating your technology platforms, and define the anticipated scope of the NetSuite implementation project.

Identification of Project Details
Once the business consulting team has a firm grasp on your company’s operations, the team members will begin to delve into the details of your implementation project. The team will evaluate your company’s data migration needs, your preferred timeframe for NetSuite launching, and technology requirements such as hardware and servers. The team members may also anticipate potential obstacles and their solutions, identify key members on implementation teams from each company, and make sure that both teams are on board with the project work plan.

Documentation of Existing Systems
To successfully plan NetSuite implementation, it’s necessary for the business consulting team to assess your company’s existing systems. The consultants may interview decision makers at your company, closely observe the day-to-day operations, and analyze your business procedures. Existing systems and interfaces are documented, followed by the identification of areas for improvement. Prior to launching NetSuite, the consulting team will develop details regarding any needed customizations of the software and any custom integration requirements for your company.