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For successful businesses that operate nationwide, going global is often the next goal. Scaling operations up to a global level will add many logistical layers to your operations, which may include currency conversion, international taxation, and import/export protocol, and more. Many consulting firms in Philadelphia will recommend enterprise resource planning solutions such NetSuite’s OneWorld to companies that do business around the globe. The benefits of OneWorld include:

Rapid Implementation Time
In the fast-pace of 21st century Internet commerce, any downtime in your digital project management tools or resource planning software can equal lost revenue. NetSuite’s OneWorld is designed with this rapid pace in mind, and with the help of a professional NetSuite consultant you can create a deployment timeline that will ensure a seamless transition from your previous ERP system.

Efficient Consolidation
OneWorld integrates both ERP systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into one streamlined platform. You can access all information relating to your permits, currencies, sales, customer lists, forecasts, andcampaigns through the system. Thus, OneWorld provides a host of valuable project management tools, allowing you to operate in multiple languages and multiple currencies at once.

Instant Visibility
OneWorld operates in the cloud, allowing you to access data and information from anywhere on the globe. Whether you are at your main office or visiting one of your branches or subsidiaries overseas, real-time viewing of OneWorld allows you to instantly see how your company is performing. You can see at a glance how all your current ventures and projects are progressing, how much you have spent on each, and how much revenue you are bringing in.

Effortless eCommerce
OneWorld also acts as a completely integrated international eCommerce system. You can accept and fulfill online orders, manage inventory, and market to new customers around the globe easily when you have this system in place. Each web store can be fully local, using the currency and language of the customer’s home country. You can also manage multiple brands via the same integrated platform, and offer different language interfaces for countries where customers may speak more than one.