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NetSuite in King of Prussia is a popular choice when it comes to enterprise resource planning and accounting. NetSuite provides a multitude of modules that can help you to organize your accounting. Keep reading if you are interested in learning about how to tame your accounting systems with NetSuite.

NetSuite provides three different accounting modules: Advanced Financials, Revenue Recognition, and Incentive Management. The first option provides you with the necessary tools to effectively organize your budget. Including the Expense Allocations and Amortization Schedules features, this module helps you automate your expenses within the company and assist you in staying on top of bill payments. The NetSuite Revenue Recognition module allows you to easily review your revenue and create helpful and relevant journal entries. This module is also helpful when it comes to complying with regulations set forth by entities such as the FASB, SEC, and AICPA. Finally, the Incentive Management module is a useful accounting tool in terms of keeping track of sales commission; this includes determining the commission as well as paying it to employees, who can see their commissions and pay dates as they are put through the system.