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Commerce has been a foundational aspect of our society throughout history, but the way in which it is conducted has changed over time. Modern technology has allowed businesses to make use of products like NetSuite in King of Prussia in order to enhance their businesses. NetSuite ERP and CRM help businesses to connect with their customers and make educated decisions regarding their resources; in the age of eCommerce, these are critical components to a successful business. Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about CRM and eCommerce.

Analyzing Information
The more information you have about a person or business’s spending habits, the easier it will be to make them a successful sales pitch . Customer relationship management is important when it comes to discovering this information; the more open your communication is with your clientele, the easier it will be for you to determine and meet their needs. Whether your business is designed to provide services or products for individual consumers or other businesses, you will always be better prepared to do so if you have fostered positive communication throughout your relationship with your client.

Driving Sales
Although the sales aspect of business has long been a key component to our culture, it has manifested itself in different ways. Although sales are still made in person and over the phone, eCommerce has been booming thanks to modern technology. Customers would originally approach a salesperson and ask any necessary questions to find the appropriate product, and phone sales pitches worked similarly. However, eCommerce typically leaves customers to their own devices; there is no personal relationship that is built when a customer makes a purchase through a website. With the integration of CRM into the eCommerce experience, this would not have to be the case.

Creating a Holistic Experience
The combination of customer relationship management with eCommerce opens up the possibility of substantial increases in sales. In this situation, a customer who logs on to make a purchase will be presented with similar products that they may find useful, special offers, and the ability to make repeat purchases based on order history.