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Schools and other educational organizations are used to working on shoestring budgets, which means that they often let their operational technology fall by the wayside. The real question, however, is not whether your educational entity can afford to upgrade your software but if you can afford not to. NetSuite has solutions that your educational group needs to maximize your potential and that of your students. Here is what your group needs to know about ERP software on Long Island and the other features of NetSuite that can work for you.

What are the benefits of NetSuite for educational groups?

From students and parents to supplies and salaries, educational groups deal with a lot of moving parts. When these parts aren’t connected, lost productivity and mistakes happen. With NetSuite, everyone in your organization can get a complete view of what is happening in real time, so the financial department can make the right decision about raises while the front office can decide to order printer paper before you run out. By streamlining all of these processes with ERP software, your educational entity can overcome the money and time drain that occurs because of inefficiency.

How can NetSuite help educational organizations cut costs?

Battling inefficiency isn’t the only cost-saving measure NetSuite can provide. With spend management services, you can ensure you are getting the best possible prices for goods and services. With the amount of supplies educational groups need for their staff and students, locating the best price can mean big savings on your bottom line.

Can NetSuite help with fundraising?

Fundraising is essential for most educational entities. With NetSuite, managing your fundraising efforts year-round is easier than ever. Use CRM software from NetSuite to target the right donors and track the success of your marketing efforts to create tailored fundraising programs that provide big results. NetSuite can also help you manage the allocation of funds you raise and monitor their impact on your projects.