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For businesses in King of Prussia, PA or on Long Island, NY , NetSuite Advanced Financials Module offers greater ability than ever before to manage budgeting, expense allocation, and amortization schedules, with a built-in dashboard that is customizable and that delivers real-time information. Could this NetSuite add-on be right for your business? Here is what you need to know.

What is NetSuite Advanced Financials Module?

The Advanced Financials Module is an add-on to NetSuite software that is designed for small to midsized businesses. It incorporates a number of different tools that go beyond the basic NetSuite platform to give businesses even more control over their financials. The add-on software is designed to give companies more real-time information as well as the tools they need to act on it, all in a dashboard interface that puts necessary data within a few clicks.

What tools are included?

With the advanced financials module, companies gain the ability to manage multiple budgets, both active and non-active, within a single interface. It is also possible to auto-create budgets using previous versions and import and export budgets as needed. Additionally, expense allocations can all be managed from the dashboard, including recurring allocations by G/L accounts, class, department, and location. Expenses can also be weighted by dollar or percent. Lastly, the dashboard can be used to manage amortization schedules, linking to bills, bill credits, JEs, and jobs. The dashboard can be completely customized for each business’ needs, so you can make adjustments to the reports that are generated and how they are presented, along with any other tweaks that are necessary to make this advanced financial information as useful as possible.

How does my business incorporate the Advanced Financials Module?

The best way to adopt this add-on is to work with your NetSuite partner to create a plan for implementation and a customization strategy. Because your NetSuite partner understands your business, he or she can ensure that you get the most out of your software.