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When you decide to make a change to your business management software, getting buy-in from your staff is important—and pushback is inevitable. Fortunately, if you adopt NetSuite in Long Island for your new software, it’s easy to demonstrate to employees that you are truly making an upgrade that will make everyone more efficient and profitable. With the help of your business consultant, use these strategies to get employees on board with our NetSuite implementation early in the process.

State the Goals

Your company is choosing NetSuite for a reason. Make sure your employees understand your vision. The ability to combine CRM, enterprise resource planning, accounting software, and other purchasing, planning, and inventory visibility into one system makes it easier for your employees to be productive. Share your ideas about eliminating roadblocks that compromise efficiency and allowing employees to grow in their roles with the convenience of NetSuite tools. Your employees will respond to efforts that are designed to address challenges they face in accomplishing their tasks and that are geared towards a better work experience for everyone.

Confront Resistance

If you have some employees who are persistently resistant to implementation efforts, confront the issue quickly and directly. Left unchecked, this kind of resistance can build and spread throughout your team. Give employees who have ongoing concerns about change a forum in which they can speak about their issues. Be clear about your expectations as you go forward, but invite ongoing communication.

Be Flexible with Implementation

Your business consultant can assist with building an implementation plan that is right for your company. Be flexible during the process and be willing to make changes if employee feedback tells you part of the strategy isn’t working. Taking the time to implement NetSuite and train your employees on the software properly up front allows you to get the maximum utility from the software while preventing employee frustration that can come from cutting corners at this stage.