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When your company doesn’t react swiftly to quality issues, the experience of your customers will suffer. It’s easy for issues to fall through the cracks, however, when the different teams involved in resolutions can’t work together seamlessly. Fortunately, NetSuite offers an option with their Issue Management system. Take control of managing your customers’ experiences for the entire lifecycle of a complaint with a closed-loop corrective process and real-time dashboard. Here are some of the ways that NetSuite Issue Management and its resolution process can work for your business.

Close the Loop on Defects

With NetSuite functionality, you can manage each part of dealing with a complaint in a single interface, so each issue is followed through to a satisfactory resolution. Issue Management is integrated into NetSuite CRM software, so that you can launch a customer complaint file and any necessary internal product review process in one place, as well as following your issue resolution process and documenting the closer of the complaint. Multiple customer cases can be aggregated so that the information needed to manage and resolve an issue is easy to access.

Automate the Resolution Process

With the Issue Management interface in NetSuite, the resolution process is automated, providing actionable work items that can be configured to your business’s needs. It contains a roles and teams concept that allows for easy collaboration and flexible workflows, while limiting access to task to the appropriate team members for each portion of the process. The automated resolution process guides your team through the procedure and flags any incomplete tasks so issues are resolved quickly and thoroughly.

Give Customers Tracking Options

Customers will feel confident that you’re addressing their issues by tracking the progress of their complaint resolution in the Customer Center on your site. Customers can set their notifications as they wish, so that they receive updates that meet their preferences.

Customer satisfaction is everything, and with the help of Horizon Associates Group, LLC and our NetSuite implementation services, you can meet the needs of every client, every time.