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NetSuite can boost your productivity and streamline your business operations, but it is only as good as the training your staff receives to implement it. When you buy NetSuite from a local partner, training is typically part of the services you receive, which can be invaluable for your business. As you adopt new NetSuite business software on Long Island, avoid these common training errors for a smoother implementation.

Not Setting Aside Enough Time

Be sure to allow ample time for training your staff in all parts of the NetSuite software system. You may also allow for breakout training sessions for staff to get more in-depth training on the specific parts of the software they will be using the most—be it the CRM software, enterprise resource planning, or bookkeeping. Your NetSuite partner can act as a business consultant during the process to help you determine how much time is needed for proper training and how to schedule training in a way that doesn’t undermine your operations. Skimping on the time needed for training will cost you many more hours of productivity in the future.

Not Defining Your NetSuite Goals

NetSuite is an extremely adaptable software platform; no two businesses use it exactly the same way. If your organization is not clear on your goals for using NetSuite, then your training may fall flat, as it won’t be tailored to help you meet productive goals. Your NetSuite consultant can help you understand the potential ways you can use the software and work with you to refine your goals, so your training process can be as effective as possible.

Not Making Training Ongoing

As your business changes, the way you use NetSuite is likely to change with it. Ongoing training can make sure your staff is getting the maximum efficiency out of NetSuite’s tools. You should also have a training plan in place for new hires to help reduce the learning curve.