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One of the many advantages of buying NetSuite through a partner company rather than direct is that you get access to dedicated support after your software is implemented. In fact, this ongoing support should be an important consideration when you’re choosing a partner for your NetSuite on Long Island. Before you choose a company for your NetSuite purchase, ask your potential partner these questions.

What is your response process if I need support?

Find out how your potential partner handles support calls. Can they consult with you by phone to walk you through minor issues? Do they have a guaranteed response time if you require an on-site consultant to fix your issues? When you have a crisis with your NetSuite software, a timely response is essential. Your partner must have a clear strategy for dealing with technical support requests. Choosing a local NetSuite partner is the ideal solution for many businesses, and a local company can often get an expert to your office the same day.

What is your area of expertise?

NetSuite has a vast number of tools that can be used to meet different companies’ varying needs. Because NetSuite is such a broad platform, some partners have expertise in specific parts of NetSuite tools—from enterprise resource planning to bookkeeping and CRM tools. Find out if your partner specializes in any specific sector to be sure the needs of your business can be met. Ideally, your NetSuite partner will have a broad base of knowledge and experience so they can act as a business consultant on an ongoing basis as your needs evolve.

How can you help me grow?

As your business grows, your NetSuite software needs will changes. Ask how your partner can help you make the necessary changes to your existing NetSuite formatting and help you choose the most efficient software tools to scale your business. You should also find out if your partner offers ongoing staff training to help your new and current employees adapt to the NetSuite system.