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NetSuite is very friendly to customization and integration, but few companies are equipped to handle the process on their own. If you are running NetSuite on Long Island and want to undertake integration, consider hiring a NetSuite Developer that can help you identify your needs and customize the process specifically to your business. Before beginning integration, it helps to be clear about your end goals. With the help of your NetSuite business consultant, answer these questions about integration to ensure the best final solution.

What are your requirements? 
A simple but fundamental question about NetSuite integration is what exactly your business requires. It’s easy to overlook this point when making your integration plan, but in reality, you should answer it before you even consider beginning. Identify what you need integration to allow you to accomplish so you can build your integration plan accordingly. Review your requirements with your business consultant, who may be able to shed some light on areas you haven’t considered, including everything from your accounting processes to your e-commerce business.

What are your current and future application plans?
Successful integration doesn’t just work for right now—it also helps to lay a foundation that lets you easily bring on additional functions in the future. Consider what applications you run currently in your business and which ones you hope to include in the near future. Ideally, there should be supported APIs for the applications you integrate to minimize complications.

Do you need a direct integration or integration platform?
Before integration can begin, you need to determine if a direct integration approach meets your company’s need, or if you require an integration platform. Generally, if you need to support more than one end point, you need an integration platform. By working with your NetSuite technology consultant, you can select the approach that meets your needs now and in the future.