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If your company is ready for a new enterprise resource planning—or ERP—system, don’t let the prospect of making the transition dissuade you from taking this important step. Not only will the rewards of a more efficient ERP network pay off in dividends, but there are also steps you can take to make the transition as smooth as possible for your employees. Task your IT consulting service on Long Island with creating a master plan for the transition process. These steps will also help reduce the burden of overhauling your system.

Know Your Goals 
Start by identifying your goals for your new ERP system. Why are you making the enterprise resource planning change now, and what do you plan to get out of your new service? Not only will identifying these goals help everyone stay focused during the transition, but it will also will help you frame your plan and priorities for implementation. Likewise, recognizing these goals now will ensure that your IT consultants understand your needs and match you with the right technology solutions so you can avoid the need to upgrade your ERP system in the near future.

Build and Test Your Plan
Before deploying your new ERP system, create a detailed plan for the implementation. This process might include identifying a project manager to take the lead on planning the transition. During the planning, estimate the size and duration of the transition while identifying delivery dates for the components of the ERP activation. Before you put the plan into action, test it in a pilot environment in which you install the software and convert your data. Test the system’s functionality and correct any errors before launching the system across your company.

Hold a Go-Live Meeting
Bring in your staff or the managers of your teams for a meeting to review all facets of the new ERP service before work on the new system begins. This meeting should include specific instructions for the implementation. Give your staff an opportunity to discuss concerns with your IT consulting service so any bumps in the road are solved before your system is live.