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If your company uses ERP consulting services on Long Island, there is a good chance your consultants have discussed integrating NetSuite into your business. IT consultants know how NetSuite breaks down barriers to efficiency and allows companies to operate with more transparency and more real-time data. Could NetSuite provide the technology solutions your business needs? Here is an introduction to the core platforms.

NetSuite OneWorld
If you operate your business every day in an international or multi-company environment, you need NetSuite OneWorld. This software platform integrates all of the features you need to operate internationally, with a large-scale, real-time overview of all business data and the ability to adjust to local currency, taxation, and compliance demands with ease. There are modules for CRM, ERP, professional services automation, and eCommerce. The software operates in the cloud and supports 15 languages and 170 currencies, and houses nation-specific accounting standards to ensure full local legal compliance. Manage all aspects of projects across time zones and adjust financial forecasts according to real-time currency fluctuations. With NetSuite OneWorld, even small companies can operate efficiently across borders.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce
NetSuite SuiteCommerce is the go-to software package for retail businesses. With the benefit of cloud computing, this platform provides a 360-degree view of your retail operation across locations, including customer information, transactions, back office accounting, and procurement. Monitor brick-and-mortar sales and web-based transactions in a single location, and track all customer interactions across store, mobile, web, and social tools. NetSuite SuiteCommerce has an integrated POS system to make inventory and financial information accurate in real-time.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network
No two businesses are alike, so there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all business management software. NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network allows companies to customize their NetSuite experiences to meet their needs. Your IT consultants can help you select the right tools and even build applications that can be integrated into your NetSuite platform to optimize its functionality for your specific business.