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Purchasing NetSuite is easy—it’s the implementation that’s hard. Consider the huge disruption you’re about to impose on your company by changing systems, it’s critical that the implementation go smoothly. Fortunately, there are independent NetSuite consultants on Long Island who can oversee the process to get your company up and running as quickly (and smoothly) as possible. In addition to hiring experienced NetSuite consultants to oversee the implementation, there are some important things you can do to see results more quickly.

Identify and Train Power Users
Power users are those people within your company or organization who will have the most hands-on experience with the new software. Engage power users as early as possible in the implementation process, and engage them often to make sure they are educated on NetSuite’s features and functions. Not only will this minimize resistance after the go-live date, but these power users will also act as product specialists who can then train those below them on how to use the new software most effectively. Power users can be trained at formal NetSuite classes or by a knowledge transfer from your experienced NetSuite consultants.

Measure the Results
NetSuite solutions offer remarkable measuring capabilities that can provide you with key insights regarding the effectiveness of the implementation. If you see that the software is not being used correctly or to its full capability, you can schedule training with your local independent NetSuite consultant to address the issues facing users to remove speedbumps and help your organization realize the full benefits of NetSuite implementation much faster.

Rollout in Stages 
If NetSuite represents a huge overhaul of how things are done within your organization, experts recommend you rollout the full implementation in stages to give users a chance to become familiar with the changes over time instead of requiring them to become experts with one fell swoop. Rolling out NetSuite in stages can also address any small IT issues as they come up to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.