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Modern business is becoming increasingly driven by web-based sales and trading. The NetSuite SuiteCommerce Module (aka: SiteBuilder) puts the power of a top-quality professional website right in your hands. This ecommerce software tool allows you to create, customize, and manage a website that links back to your other NetSuite services to deliver fast, easy-to-use, and secure shopping and trading capabilities to partners and consumers. The NetSuite SuiteCommerce Module is fully compatible with our other project management tools near Philadelphia, allowing you to connect your custom website to your NetSuite accounting and inventory capabilities for seamless purchases and search options with multi-national functionality in any language or currency. The SiteBuilder Module also allows you to integrate features such as order viewing, package tracking, and organized management of customer support issues for improved CRM. With real-time dashboards, point-and-click updates, and easy site hosting, you’ll find that the NetSuite Ecommerce is the perfect way to drive sales while improving your consumers’ online experience.