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If you want to streamline your company’s operations, updating your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a good place to begin. An ERP system uses a series of integrated processes to help you convert many back office procedures into automatic digital processes. This reduces the number of hours required to complete tasks in many different areas, from supply chain logistics to customer relations. Companies use many different ERP systems in Philadelphia, and NetSuite ERP is one of the most popular. The suggestions below will guide you through the process of implementing a new ERP system.

Hire a Consultant
Each different type of ERP software has a unique interface, and an upgrade in ERP software will require expert skills in order to proceed smoothly on a reasonable timeline. Unless you have an employee in your company who has successfully implemented the specific brand of software you have chosen at another business within the last year, you will need the services of a professional. Make sure that company you hire has a direct relationship with the software vendor. For example, only hire a NetSuite-authorized consultant to implement NetSuite software.

Invest in Training
A new ERP system will affect the current operations workflow in your company. Depending on what type of system or systems you currently have in place, the change may be quite drastic. Since the point of switching to the new system is to streamline, you need to have your staff trained on how to use the new system. Don’t wait until after it is fully implemented to begin the process—begin training as soon as you have selected your ERP software and reach agreement with a vendor or consultant.

Plan for Change Management
During implementation of a new ERP system, many employees’ day-to-day routines can change drastically, and you may even find that certain positions become redundant with the new software’s functions. Such changes can negatively affect morale and company culture unless you adequately prepare for them before announcing the shift. Plan your communication strategy ahead of time to ameliorate these effects.