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Between customer relationship management, Ecommerce software, and enterprise resource planning in Philadelphia, business owners have a great deal of responsibility. Fortunately, NetSuite offers solutions for all of these aspects of business, and Horizon Associates provides NetSuite consulting. Continue on if you are interested in learning about NetSuite Revenue Recognition.

You may be excellent at making new relationships, developing big picture plans, or connecting with customers, but what if your accounting skills are lacking? Programs like NetSuite Revenue Recognition can help you easily take care of the financial component of your business so that you can focus on the other areas in which you excel. This NetSuite module helps you to comply with standards set by institutions and associations like the SEC, AICPA, and FASB regarding your business’s income each quarter. The NetSuite Revenue Recognition program also helps you stay organized by providing reminders when you need to get your revenue in order and creating journal entries after you have reviewed the necessary information. In the event that you plan on deferring any income, you can use this program to pair your sales with amortization schedules.