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Improving customer service is a goal common to businesses around the country. And one of the best ways to do so is with NetSuite, a leading maker of integrated cloud-based ERP, CRM, PSA, ecommerce, and accounting software. At Horizon Associates Group LLC, a national and international provider of NetSuite in King of Prussia, our goal is to help you determine how to use NetSuite to streamline your business, increase customer service, and boost your profits. Keep reading to find out how our systems are designed to upgrade your customer service.

NetSuite has a wide range of products that enhance your business’ organization, which translates to improved customer service. For example, the NetSuite Wholesale Distributors Edition provides your company with customer-facing sales force automation such as quotes and orders. It also gives marketing and customer service tools that link perfectly with inventory management, fulfillment, accounting, and ecommerce. The NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced SCA lets web stores optimize their online shopping experience for any device. NetSuite links ecommerce with your inventory and order management, marketing, financials, and customer support to give you a bird’s eye view of your customers and business.