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ERP Project Salvage

…it’s probably because you are experiencing a lot of pain. It is never a good thing to go into a salvage mode for an ERP, it is unpleasant, risky and costly. There are many who gather a certain level of expertise and get the licensing rights to provide ERP software. ERP software is a multi-faceted software with many deep functional operations. An accounting expert may not have the necessary skills to understand and deploy an ERP for a manufacturing company. An e-commerce consultant may not have the necessary skills to deploy a mutli-currency global ERP. So sometimes, projects go off the rails.


We feel your pain and hate to see it. Yet we can help. Even in the midst of a project failure, our team is able to bring projects back on track. It is costly and painful, but at the end of the day you will be able to use your software.


If your NetSuite implementation is not going well, give us a call.



Missed deadlines
When milestones are not reached and more and more ‘reasons’ are given, your implemenatation might be at risk.
‘Clunky ‘ functionality
If it feels weird to your users, it’s possible it was not implemented properly

No access to data
Either you did not buy the #1 Cloud ERP- NetSuite or it was not set up properly. NetSuite provides real-time data at the tip of your fingers.


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