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Following a structured process to deploy NetSuide Cloud ERP is critical to your success. It ensures that all the “t” are crossed and the “i” are dotted.
 The structured approach contains milestones for the next step in the journey.
Though a great deal about your business is uncovered through the sales process a deeper dive is required at a more granular level. The sales process ensures the right fit between your needs and what NetSuite can do for you. The structured methodology gets right down to line items on transactions and tax codes. In order to get there and do it right, we follow the following process:
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Solution Design
  •  Training
  • Deployment
  • Continuous improvement

Structured Approach

Requierements gathering
Our NetSuite experts will collect information about business processes, organizational goals, data collection and many other details. We producea BRD (Business Requirements Document) which will be the guide for the rest of the process.

Solution Design
The BRD guides the solution toward which functionalities to deploy in which order. It often includes a phased approach.
The best software is only the best software when users can use it. Training is on the critical path of a deployment project. Much care is given to make sure it delivers on the value of the Cloud ERP.

Continuous Improvement
Once your software is live, you will noticed untapped potential that can maximize your business opportunities. Our team guides you in this process.

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