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Business Management Consulting

Business processes tend to be created by default rather than by design. When IT environment does not support what users need, then processes external to an automated, integrated solutions are created. Often, these are manual-intensive processes that rely upon a certain user

/role to execute a manual task. Often these also rely heavily on spreadsheet to manage portions of the business. When spreadsheets are used for more than viewing data and reporting and they become a part of a process, bad things can happen.
Since we have been privy to so many SMB processes and Change management, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the ‘what-to-do’ and ‘what-not-todo’ lists.
Consequently, we have the expertise to review your processes, analyse their productivity and make recommendations for changes.
Though our expertise  has had NetSuite at its core, we have made process  recommendations that have nothing to do with ERP.
We make no secret that one of our most prize recommendation is to run your business on the #1 Cloud ERP software- NetSuite

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