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SuiteScript Making Development Easier

Essential and Versatile Tool for E-Commerce Businesses in New York and Philadelphia, PA

As part of our NetSuite SuiteFlex platform, SuiteScript is a toolset that builds and hosts simple functions, process flows, and whole applications within the NetSuite system. SuiteScript is built to be used by customers, partners, and developers alike, making it an essential and versatile tool for your E-commerce. In addition, Horizon Associates Group LLC can customize SuiteScript to suit the purposes of the user, and combines multiple tasks into a single system, making it more efficient than most hosting applications.

There are several useful components that make up SuiteScript including:

  • Suitelet extensions let you build custom interfaces hosted in the NetSuite system
  • Portlet SuiteScript is a Dashboard allowing listings of NetSuite content and data-feeds like RSS, HTML, etc.
  • Scheduled SuiteScript customizes business processes via JavaScript to automate workflows
  • User Event SuiteScript enforces data validation and business rules when making changes to records
  • Client SuiteScript runs field calculations, alerts, and business logic through browsers as they work with data and records in NetSuite

Making Development Easier

SuiteScript works with two other elements to make building and hosting on the web easier. SuiteTalk easily integrates third party systems and services into the NetSuite system with a flexible and open application.SuiteBuilder uses simple point-and-click tools to provide limitless customization to systems in NetSuite.

We Can Customize Your Web Business Experience

SuiteScript and other NetSuite tools give you versatility and uniformity, allowing you ease of access to vital information about your business. Our professional services can assist you with these tools and provide you with expert consultation on Ecommerce solutions. Contact one of our Malvern consultants today by calling 866-638-7848 so Horizon Associates Group, LLC can start building a relationship with you and your business.

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