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NetSuite Accounting Solutions

Help businesses in NY and PA Effectively Manage Their Finances

At Horizon Associates Group LLC, we have the NetSuite tools to effectively manage your company's finances. We have the ability to maximize your potential by giving you full control of your business' finances so you can focus on providing your customers with outstanding service. You can select from a variety of modules to be fit your needs.

The following modules are offered for a monthly fee:

  • NetSuite Advanced Financials: This allows your growing business to take control of elite fiscal tools. Advanced Budgeting simplifies budgeting allowing you to enter them from one screen and gives you the ability to import/export more complicated budgets. Expense Allocations streamlines the money you spend within your company and can automate all your expenditures. Amortization Schedules makes payments on bills easier by eliminating any redundancies in your accounting.
  • NetSuite Revenue Recognition: Revenue Recognition can help you be fully compliant with AICPA, FASB, and SEC regulations with your quarterly earnings. It also enables you to attach amortization schedules to your sales if you would like to defer your income. This software can is beneficial for reminding you when revenue is due to be recognized, letting you review the data, and then automatically creating appropriate journal entries.
  • NetSuite Incentive Management: This can assist you in designing, tracking, and paying sales commission, even with commission plans that incorporate complex variable such as quotas, product quality, service item, product profitability, and "spiffs." Incentive Management makes dealing with all types of commission—scaled, roll up, manager/executive, split, and partner royalties—and gives you control of when to calculate it. Sales professionals can see their estimated commission in real-time as well as when they will receive compensation.

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