Are you leading a fast growing company and struggling with an outdated accounting system?

Let us show you how to design, implement and manage a NetSuite Enterprise Reporting (ERP) System that allows you to scale up quickly and easily tell your financial story.

Oracle plus NetSuite Services

NetSuite Partner & Consulting Services

NetSuite Sales, Service, and Support To Fast Growing Companies Across The Country From Our Offices In New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA

Let Horizon Associates Show You How To Design, Implement, And Manage A NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System That Allows You To Scale Quickly And Easily Tell Your Financial Story.

Tailored For Fast Growing Companies Struggling With Outdated Systems

When your professional reputation is on the line and you need the right answer ... right now!

At Horizon Associates Group, we are accounting and finance experts with deep technical experience designing, implementing and supporting ERP systems using the NetSuite Solutions Platform. Our team is comprised of seasoned business leaders who live and breathe ERP systems. We have all led ERP implementation projects as users (CEO, CFO, Project Manager) and at Horizon Associates, we've managed hundreds of implementations.

Our clients are small to mid-sized enterprises that all have one thing in common – they are growing fast and are struggling with outdated systems.

When you need an experienced business partner and NetSuite expert

Trust Horizon Associates. We know that when managing a fast-growing business your job is on the line every day. An ERP system that works seamlessly makes you a hero. An ERP system that doesn’t match your requirements or work the way you expect; well, that will get you fired!

Our job is to make you the hero. We bring to your company deep industry and practical experience combined with proven NetSuite expertise.

In 2003, when we started Horizon Associates, we chose to partner with a company called NetLedger. NetLedger is now NetSuite Inc. and in 2016 NetSuite was acquired by Oracle. Then, as now, we believe NetSuite is the most flexible, most comprehensive, most scalable platform for fast-growing small and mid-sized businesses. Today we are the most experienced team of NetSuite experts you will find. NetSuite is the only platform we support and we know it inside and out.

We serve clients throughout the United States from our offices in New York (Long Island) and Philadelphia (Malvern, PA).

Why Horizon Associates And Why NetSuite?

When you want to guarantee a successful ERP implementation

  • I need my ERP Implementation to be successful
  • I need an ERP consulting partner I can trust who knows my business and industry

When you want NetSuite to work for you

  • I need a NetSuite partner I can depend on
  • I need information on NetSuite right now
  • I need to know if NetSuite should even be on my “shortlist”

Why our customer's love NetSuite

Listen to our client, White Labs describe why they chose NetSuite and how it helps them scale quickly and profitably.

Industries we specialize in with NetSuite

Based on hundreds of client engagements Horizon Associates Group, LLC specializes in the following industries:

  • Distribution: for both B2B and B2C
  • Manufacturing: both Direct and Contract manufacturing
  • Services: including professional services and mixed product and service delivery
  • E-commerce: including high transaction and high volume order processing

We make NetSuite work for your business

Whether you have 10 employees or 500 employees, revenues of $1 million or $500 million, are local or international our NetSuite consulting experts work with businesses of all sizes. NetSuite is the world's #1 cloud ERP solution. NetSuite ERP provides comprehensive, and proven financial/ERP consolidation capabilities that integrate your back-office, sales, and service processes. Now, over 20,000 organizations and subsidiaries worldwide of every size from start-up to global enterprise trust their business to NetSuite

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